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The Government of Mongolia (GoM) recognizes that to achieve its development goals and sustain the country’s recent growth, improvements in its water sector must be achieved. Ensuring that Mongolia’s water sector has sufficient water resources-related data is a goal that the GoM has set in order to strengthen water policy and management systems. In support of this goal, GGGI has partnered with the Ministry of Environment and Green Development to implement the Water Green Growth Nexus project, which is:

  • Assessing Mongolia’s water resources and management systems
  • Surveying existing water resources-related policies and projects
  • Developing a comprehensive water resources database
  • Designing capacity building programs for government officials to utilize a water resources database
  • Collecting and sharing best water resource management practices from other countries and organizations
  • Catalyzing green development through synergies between human and institutional capacity building and technology innovation

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The overall objective of this project is to develop a water resources database in support of Mongolia’s water resources policies and management systems. The Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC) is a cooperating partner on this project. 

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