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The Government of Mongolia has made it a key development goal to diversify its natural resource-driven economy and address the associated environmental challenges. A key step towards Mongolia’s green growth pathway has been the adoption of the National Green Development Policy (NGDP). GGGI is partnering with key Mongolian ministries to achieve the county’s sustainable growth goals though the Transition to Green Development project, which is:

  • Developing strategies and actions plans in support of NGDP objectives
  • Promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns through the efficient use of national resources, low GHG emissions, and low waste generation
  • Reducing the mix of fossil fuels in Mongolia’s energy mix in order to cut environment degradation and sustain the ecosystem’s carrying capacity
  • Increasing investment in natural capital, human development and clean technology
  • Catalyzing green development through synergies between human and institutional capacity building and technology innovation

The overall objective of this project is to develop Action Plans that are aligned with the National Green Development Policy. 

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