GGGI Indonesia - Green Growth Program: REDD+ finance, programs and policies to catalyze green growth

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The Government of Indonesia (GoI) recognized that to become one of the top ten largest economies in the world by 2025, in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable way Indonesia will need to reduce GHG emissions and the deforestation that significantly contributes to emissions, while creating financial value for the considerable resource stored in Indonesia’s forests. In support of this goal, GGGI is working with Indonesia’s REDD+ Agency in an effort to ensure that REDD+ finance, programs and policies catalyze green growth in Indonesia at the national and sub-national level, particularly within the Central and East Kalimantan provinces. The REDD+ finance, programs and policies to catalyze green growth project is:

  • Providing guidelines for the development of successful REDD+ projects
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing through REDD+ knowledge platforms
  • Supporting the REDD+ Agency design an appropriate REDD+ Jurisdictional Approach (JA) system for implementation

The overall objectives of this project are to support REDD+ financing, policy development and programs that strengthen green growth at national and sub-national levels.

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