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In order to achieve its development goals in a sustainable way, the State of Karnataka is seeking to become climate resilient through green growth actions, with particular emphasis on the energy, agriculture, forestry and water sectors. Since 2012, GGGI has been working to support the State of Karnataka to transition toward sustainable growth through the Mainstreaming and Implementation of Green Growth Strategies project, which is:

  • Contributing analytical work to strengthen State’s Action Plan on Climate Change
  • Assessing state development priorities and plans to support integration of inclusive green growth policies and activities
  • Carrying out assessments on the potential of the Green Economy, with focus on the energy sector
  • Conducting climate resilience assessment of agriculture, forestry and water sectors
  • Supporting the development of a financing strategy that takes into account needed investments and funding mechanisms.
  • Converting green growth opportunities into policy implementation roadmaps and bankable green growth projects

The overall objectives of this project are to comprehensively examine and prioritize green growth development options, develop state-level climate resilience and social inclusion strategies that include financing options, improve capacity of civil servants implementing green growth in priority sectors and assist the state in implementing priority green growth actions.

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Siddarthan Balasubramania
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