GGGI Fiji - Implementation of the Green Growth Framework

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The Government of Fiji (GoF) has committed to integrating green growth into its development efforts. Green growth is a cornerstone of the new National Development Plan (NDP) for 2015-2020, which builds on the recent Green Growth Framework of Fiji. GGGI is supporting the Ministry of Finance with mainstreaming green growth into national planning and infrastructure project implementation. In 2015-2016, GGGI will assist the GoF with:

  • Providing inputs to guide the integration of cross-sectoral green growth into the new NDP
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing of green growth planning from other developing countries
  • Building capacity to access infrastructure and climate financing
  • Developing green growth criteria for the prioritization of infrastructure projects
  • Supporting the implementation of green growth pilot projects

The overall objectives of this project are to support the implementation of the Green Growth Framework into Fiji’s National Development Plan and develop green infrastructure project proposals.

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Katharina Syngellaskis