Fostering Low-Carbon Technology Innovation and Transfer: An in-depth Study

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This project aimed to broaden and refocus national and international policy agendas to improve prospects for enhancing technology development, diffusion and transfer. It was designed to translate the latest academic insights into policy, explore national and international instruments for advancing technology and examine technology value chains as case studies of where action could be taken.

To mitigate climate change, developed countries need to shift towards lower carbon emissions technologies. Developing countries require strategies to ensure that technologies that enable low-carbon industrialisation are available, and that their emerging middle class populations embrace low-carbon options.
Although many technologies exist to address climate change, there is a lack research on their development and use. Much of existing research has been based on poor conceptualisations of technology, as well as restrictive notions of relevant policy issues.

At the national level, technology policy is a complex matter; internationally, there is also a need to improve prospects for enhancing technology development, transfer and collaboration through the analytic and policy agendas. Advancing these agendas will help refocus national and international instruments for climate mitigation technology – including the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and its Climate Technology Centre and Network.

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