Economic assessment of the impacts of climate change in Uganda

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The overall purpose of this project is to assess the economic impacts of climate change for Uganda with a focus on climate-sensitive sectors of the economy. The consortium - including Baastel, Makerere University, Metroeconomica, and the Centre for International Development and Training at the University of Wolverhampton - will develop an economic model, disaggregated at the sectoral and district levels, to assess the economic impact of climate change on climate-sensitive sectors. The results of the economic assessment will feed into the decision-making process around budgetary allocations, at national, sectoral and district levels.
Economic assessments of the impacts of climate change have proven to be the catalyst for increased attention to and investment in climate change, which has spurred significant progress on climate change policy development and increased climate-related investments. Uganda is in the final stages of developing a National Climate Change Policy. It is expected that the economic assessment study will inform and help shape the roll-out of the policy by directing investments where they are most needed to safeguard the Ugandan economy from the adverse impacts of climate change. The results of this project could also help support and inform the mainstreaming of climate change into the next National Development Plan and the sectoral plans for water and agriculture as well as Uganda’s long-term national planning document Vision 2040.

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