Oyun Sanjaasuren

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Oyun Sanjaasuren

Director of External AffairsGreen Climate Fund (GCF)

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Former Minister of Environment

Dr. Oyun Sanjaasuren is the Director of External Affairs of Green Climate Fund.

Dr. Oyun served as the first President of the United Nations Environment Assembly, the Governing Body of UNEP. During her tenure 2014-2016, she has promoted environmental cooperation at a variety of international events on issues relating to sustainable development, climate change and water security. During 2016-2018, she has also served as Chair of the Global Water Partnership, a network designed to improve water management by working with over 3,000 institutional partners in more than 180 countries. Oyun is also a member of advisory boards of a number of global initiatives including the Future Earth, Green Growth Knowledge Platform and International Environment Technology Centre of UNEP.

Oyun served five consecutive terms as a Member of Parliament in Mongolia, including as Minister of Environment and Green Development and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Under her leadership, the Ministry of Environment and Green Development became one of Mongolia’s four core ministries while the parliament approved the country’s green development strategy in 2014.

A geochemist by training, with a Ph.D in Earth Sciences from the University of Cambridge, Dr. Oyun’s active public life extends beyond environmental protection to include advancing civil and social rights. She is the founding member and the Chair of the Special Olympics Mongolia and heads the Zorig Foundation that advances democracy and supports youth and education.