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The Green Growth Knowledge Platform's "Knowledge Update" aims to keep readers up-to-date on the latest developments in growth theory and practice. In these updates, you will find the latest developments in green growth research, as well as recent publications and upcoming events.

Click on the links below to read the most recent issues of the GGKP Knowledge Update:


Issue 2015-1, Special Edition on the Annual Conference 


Issue 2014-10
Issue 2014-9
Issue 2014-8
Issue 2014-7
Issue 2014-6
Issue 2014-5
Issue 2014-4
Issue 2014-3
Issue 2014-2
Issue 2014-1, Special issue on the launch of the new GGKP web platform


Issue 2013-11
Issue 2013-10
Issue 2013-9
Issue 2013-8
Issue 2013-7
Issue 2013-6
Issue 2013-5
Issue 2013-4 
Issue 2013-3
Issue 2013-2
Issue 2013-1