The Growth Dialogue

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The Growth Dialogue is a network of experts driven by the goal of promoting sustainable economic growth. Without growth, it is hard to imagine sustainable development and improvements in people’s lives. We bring growth thinkers, practitioners and policymakers together to share and promulgate views, lessons and experience.

  • Generate new applied policy research. We explore new ideas on economic growth by undertaking relevant policy work in collaboration with think-tanks and universities, especially in the developing parts of the world. Our aim is to tackle controversial topics and also to anticipate areas in which policy debate is headed and to convene discussions on those themes.
  • Convene Policy Workshops and Symposia. We specialize in bringing policymakers, academics and development practitioners together to deal with new or vexing policy problems. We equip policymakers in the trenches, those dealing with development challenges with independent, unfiltered advice from other regions, the latest economic thinking, and implications from academic findings that will foster better policy solutions to key challenges impeding economic growth.
  • Provide Advisory Services. On a demand-only basis, we advise on development strategies for specific countries, we advise corporate clients on economic outlooks in emerging markets, and we assist universities and think-tanks with applied research, often on sector-specific issues. We provide policymakers with best sources of advice available on growth and growth-related topics, often working with multilateral lenders or other providers of policy advice.
  • Publish and disseminate findings. We highlight and publish work on economic growth, often in partnership with others, in order to disseminate latest findings. We promulgate views of experts derived from Dialogue-sponsored events in order to help us better understand the challenges of economic growth. We increasingly use the web for dissemination.