October 2018
Based on the global Green Economy Coalition's (GEC) five-themed framing of the green economy the technical report Exploring Opportunities for Transformation to Inclusive, Sustainable and Resilient Economies in the Eastern Caribbean was developed for baselining the state of the Green Economy (GE) in partner countries, as defined within the narrow objectives of the EU GE dialogues project.
January 2018
The Eastern Caribbean Green Economy Barometer 2018 provides a snapshot of the transition to an inclusive green economy. This report focuses on the varied greening experiences of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) members, the conception of GE that is beginning to emerge there, and the successes and failures of OECS members to implement GE-informed policies.
Green Economy Coalition (GEC)
For the first time, new research presented in the Green Economy Barometer 2018: Mongolia report has quantified the opportunities of the green economy in Mongolia. Legislative commitment and investment in sustainable, inclusive economic practice could have a transformative effect by 2030. But is the country ready to make the commitment to a sustainable future?
June 2018
Green Economy Coalition (GEC), Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS), African Centre for a Green Economy
The Green Economy Barometer 2018: South Africa, produced by South African thinktanks the African Centre and Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) and supported by the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), provides a snapshot of the transition to a fair, green economy. It is drawn from evidence of policy progress as well as the insights of civil society organisations who are tracking the transition on the ground.
January 2018
Green Economy Coalition (GEC)

Every year, the Green Economy Coalition publishes the Green Economy Barometer, an analysis of the state of the global movement towards a fair, sustainable future. The Barometer tracks the transition, both celebrating the successes, and calling attention to challenges yet to be overcome.

November 2017
Green Economy Coalition (GEC), Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE)
The report The Wealth of Nature: Increasing National Wealth and Reducing Risk by Measuring and Managing Natural Capital considers the linkages between natural capital and human prosperity.
September 2013
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

This guide aims to encourage early dialogue and diagnosis in and by developing countries on what a green economy would mean for their country.

May 2016
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Green growth initiatives to date have often placed the economy and environment front and centre. However, for green growth to fulfil its promise, it needs to also focus on people and address systemic causes of poverty and social exclusion.

July 2016
Green Economy Coalition (GEC)

Since 2010 the GEC has been tracking the transition to green economies by drawing on the experiences and insights of GEC members and gathering different perspectives from different regions. The report aims to provide a brief but broad picture of what has been happening recently and where.

8 June 2016
Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Green Economy Coalition (GEC)
Inclusive green growth offers a route out of multiple related crises - in the economy, the environment and society. Yet for green growth to really fulfil its promise, it needs to be truly inclusive - tackling issues such as poverty, inequality and the exclusions that constrain both growth and environmental sustainability.