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Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
April 2018
Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
Reducing and diverting waste can be an important step in GHG mitigation and Canada’s overall climate change approach. Economic Tools to Reduce Household Waste and Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions focuses on economic policy tools to encourage waste prevention and diversion at the final consumer stage.
March 2018
Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
This landmark report Clean Innovation lists six key recommendations to accelerate innovation for a stronger, cleaner economy that benefits all Canadians.
Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
This extensive guidance Canada’s Next Edge: Why Clean Innovation is Critical to Canada’s Economy and How We Get It Right explores how to turn these policy and finance commitments into action while continuing to flesh out other key parts of the clean innovation policy framework.
September 2017
Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI), Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
The report Defining and Scoping Municipal Natural Assets proposes a new definition for Municipal Natural Assets and outlines the scope of the Municipal Natural Asset Management (MNAM) approach.
February 2018
Making Nature Count
The report Towards a Collaborative Strategy for Municipal Natural Asset Management: Private Lands highlights how local governments can include private land and private landowners in a comprehensive municipal natural asset management framework.
February 2018
Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), University of Ottawa
The report Species in the Balance: Partnering on Tools and Incentives to Recover Species at Risk diagnoses a number of problems facing species at risk recovery work in Canada, including inadequate financial resources, insufficient incentives for stewardship among private landowners and industry, and patchy efforts to protect species at risk (SAR) on provincial and territorial crown land and private land.
14 February 2018
Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
On 14 February 2018 (1:00 PM EST), the Smart Prosperity Institute is hosting a webinar on "Species in the Balance: Partnering on tools and incentives to recover species at risk".
January 2018
Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)
This policy brief is the first in a series on the circular economy and Canada. It provides an introduction to the circular economy concepts and landscape, geared towards for both government and business audiences.
November 2017
Climate Bonds Initiative, Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI)

Bonds and Climate Change 2017: The State of the Market Canada marks the sixth annual stocktake of green bonds and green finance in Canada, produced in partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative.

October 2017
Mowat Centre, Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), University of Toronto
As Ontario and other provinces move toward a greener economy, policymakers should consider the implications of these changes on employment opportunities, and particularly opportunities for decent work. The report Decent Work in the Green Economy explores this challenge.