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Global Climate Forum (GCF)
September 2018

The response of coastal wetlands to sea-level rise during the twenty-first century remains uncertain.

March 2018
Deltares, Global Climate Forum (GCF)

Coastal adaptation investment presents clear opportunities for social welfare improvements, particularly for densely populated areas with high levels of economic activity.

March 2018
Autonomous University of Barcelona, Global Climate Forum (GCF), JJaeger

This policy brief, Transformative Narratives for Climate Action: Win-win strategies linking climate and sustainable development goals, discusses the key role of Transformative Narratives for catalysing climate action and elaborates some of the empirically-grounded transformative narrativ

March 2018
Global Climate Forum (GCF)
The role of private finance in meeting adaptation infrastructure investment needs has been widely emphasised in climate policy debates. This new paper Mobilising private finance for coastal adaptation: a literature review in WIREs Climate Change reviews the scientific literature on the issue.
November 2017
University of Southampton, Global Climate Forum (GCF), GGKP Annual Conference

Sea-level rise threatens low-lying areas around the world’s coasts with increased coastal flooding during extreme sea level events during storms.

March 2016
Nature Climate Change

In the field of adaptation governance research, current discussion on the barriers to adaptation shows that theoretical explanations for why institutions emerge and how they enable or constrain adaptation are underdeveloped.