Vacancy at GGGI: Specialist- Gender and Social Development

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13 February 2019
Duty station: Republic of Korea 
Closing date: 17 February 2019
The Global Green Growth Institute is looking for a specialist in gender and social development to support the Sustainability and Safeguard Unit Manager in implementing relevant corporate strategies and policies and integrate safeguards, poverty reduction, social inclusion and gender in GGGI programs and projects. The application deadline is 17 February 2019.



Based in Seoul, The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an intergovernmental organization founded to support and promote a model of economic growth known as "green growth", which targets key aspects of economic performance such a poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. GGGI works with countries around the world, building their capacity and working collaboratively on green growth policies that can impact the lives of millions. The organization partners with countries, multilateral institutions, government bodies, and private sector to help build economies that grow strongly and are more efficient and sustainable in the use of natural resources, less carbon intensive, and more resilient to climate change.



  • Contribute to ensuring mainstreaming of gender, poverty reduction and social inclusion in GGGI sector and thematic policies, strategies, and operational plans
  • Lead the preparation of selective country gender and social development analysis and assessments
  • Incorporate environmental and social safeguards into the project cycle management
  • Support the design and monitoring of program results as they relate to gender and social development outcomes and outputs.
  • Analyze and prepare knowledge products and services on social development and gender issues of importance, such as studies on current and emerging issues, operational tools (sector checklists and toolkits), and best practices.
  • Design capacity development/training materials and programs for staff and government partners.
  • Identify and build institutional partnerships and champions in government, the private sector and civil society to strengthen GGGI’s social dimensions of green growth
  • Support resource mobilization, donor mapping, proposal development
  • Support the development of strategies for mobilizing gender-responsive and inclusive, sustainable green finance across GGGI’s program



  • Master’s Degree or equivalent in Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology/Social Development, International Development/Affairs, Public Policy, Economics, Human Rights or other social science preferably involving gender studies. Undergraduate degree in these subjects combined with specialized experience in similar organization/s may be considered in lieu of a Master’s degree.
  • At least 6 years of relevant experience in developing countries with good knowledge of one or more regions where GGGI is active at senior levels (e.g. leading projects). The application of gender and social development related to environmental or green growth issues will be considered particularly relevant.
  • Experience working in the operations departments of multilateral or bilateral development institutions is desirable.
  • International experience working in several countries, including countries where GGGI is present is a plus.
  • Experience in one or more of the GGGI priority sectors (water, energy, sustainable landscapes, green cities) and/or inclusive finance/inclusive business models will be considered an advantage.
  • Experience with environmental and social safeguards is an advantage.
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills is a must. Working knowledge of French and/or Spanish is desirable.
  • Excellent ability to initiate collaboration across divisions and work effectively and constructively with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.



  • Formulate knowledge products, especially on social development and gender issues, and devise M&E mechanisms to support mainstreaming and delivery of positive gender and social development outcomes in GGGI programs and projects.
  • Deliver gender and social development capacity development program to staff and government partners
  • Optimize communication materials that demonstrate stories of change from incorporating gender and social development objectives in green growth for staff, government partners, donors, and other key stakeholders.



Further details on the position and application process can be found here


The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), is an innovative international intergovernmental organization, based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, with offices in nearly 30 countries and a staff of 300 committed to strong, inclusive green growth. They assist developing and emerging countries with integrating their ambitions for strong economic performance and environmental sustainability with the goal of bringing about poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

GGGI has a diverse portfolio of programs in developing countries around the world. These in-country programs, together with global products and services, focus on delivering results through an integrated approach of evidence-based green growth planning and implementation aligned to countries’ development priorities. The organization also focuses on knowledge development and management activities which build a strong theoretical and empirical basis for green growth, while providing concrete options and guidance for policymakers; as well as building the conditions for public and private green infrastructure investments.