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14 November 2018
Robert C. Brears, author of Urban Water Security and The Green Economy and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, held the Our Future Water Berlin Event on 7 November 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel Berlin as part of the Berlin Science Week. A selection of topics on achieving water security was discussed by leading experts in the field.
29 August 2018
Other News
At the 2018 World Water Week, held in Stockholm, Sweden, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) participated in a workshop that engaged stakeholders from the Swedish government and development organizations to discuss opportunities for collaboration that will enhance the impact of green growth and climate action projects in developing countries.
5 June 2018
A new report by UN Environment examines the state of plastic pollution in 2018, offering the first comprehensive global assessment of government action against plastic pollution. The analysis features best practices and lessons learned from cases studies on single-use bans, levies and other forms of government intervention. UN experts suggest a ten-step roadmap for policymakers.
28 March 2018
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"It’s estimated that there are over 150 million tons of plastic in the ocean, with a garbage truck of plastic entering the ocean every minute. We give plastic value by using it as money. What makes us unique is we're recycling for the masses, cutting out the middleman and ensuring the poor make the most," says David Katz, founder and CEO of the Plastic Bank.
28 April 2016

The last few years have seen a spectacular increase in attention devoted to the need to protect the world’s ocean and seas. At the same time, interest has been growing in the huge potential offered by the future development of ocean-based industries.

6 November 2015
The GGKP released a series of six working papers on "Fiscal Policies and the Green Economy Transition". The papers cover a range of fiscal topics important to informing the transition to a green economy, such as fiscal reform, water security, environmental taxation in transport, low-carbon technology innovation and more.
19 May 2015

Each year the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) organises a global conference, to facilitate dialogue between scientists, policy makers and practitioners on the topic of enhancing the science and practical application of ecosystem services.

28 January 2015
Dionisio Pérez-Blanco discusses his research 'Water charging and water saving in agriculture. Insights from a revealed preference model in a Mediterranean basin' which he will present at the Conference on January 29 in the session 'C2: Water pricing for sustainable water management'.
3 October 2014
Other News
This week, WWF released its flagship biennial report the ‘Living Planet Report 2014’. The report is the world's leading, science-based analysis on the health of our planet and the impact of human activity.
25 September 2013

This report by the OECD highlights the range of expected changes in the water cycle and the challenge of making practical, on-site adaptation decisions for water.