New GGKP Working Paper on Analysis of Existing Environmental Policy Databases

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14 June 2017

The Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) has released a new working paper on, 'Analysis of Existing Environmental Policy Databases'. The working paper explores 24 databases that provide information on environmental policies implemented by national governments. 

The review of each database summarises the type of information provided, the breadth of coverage, the accessibility of data, and the strengths and weaknesses of each database with respect to the overall objective of improving access to environmental policy data for assessing the impact of environmental policies on competitiveness and trade. The process to identify existing databases included interviewing experts across sectors to determine the databases and sources they use for identifying environmental policies, reviewing association and other sector-specific websites for resources and additional expert contacts, and conducting targeted web searches for each sector. 

This paper was commissioned on behalf of the GGKP Trade and Competitiveness Research Committee and was carefully and collaboratively guided with the assistance of the 20 experts making up the Committee and the commissioned authors. 

Read the working paper here. You can also read an insight blog 'Do environmental policies help competitiveness? We don’t really know' written by the author of the working paper, Sarah Booth