International Climate Policy (ICP) Magazine - September 2017

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30 September 2017

International Climate Policy (ICP) is a bi-monthly magazine published by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG), covering trends around international and domestic climate and energy policies, as well as carbon markets. ICP provides detailed analysis on relevant and timely academic papers and draws out useful policy conclusions from quantitative research efforts.

Each issue of ICP broadly covers the following topics:

  • International negotiations and international energy policy;
  • European and international energy policy;
  • Flexible mechanisms and developing countries; and
  • Evaluation of carbon price in the European and global markets.

Edition 48 of ICP, released in September 2017, covers:

  • Paris Agreement: transparency rules as an increasingly political matter
  • Opening up the Arctic
  • The road ahead for electric vehicles
  • Stranded assets in the downstream sectors: power, industry & buildings
  • BRICS Summit without major emphasis on climate change
  • Fijian COP23 to give the most vulnerable a louder voice
  • Carbon markets: August – September 2017

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