GGKP Launches Sustainable Infrastructure Research Committee

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16 November 2016

The GGKP is pleased to announce the launch of the Sustainable Infrastructure Research Committee. The committee held it's first in-person meeting last week during the OECD - Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum, in Paris, France.

The GGKP Sustainable Infrastructure Research Committee is tasked with identifying knowledge gaps on issues related to sustainable infrastructure and supporting the development of thematic analytical papers to help catalyze knowledge generation to address these gaps. The committee currently includes 12 committee members, made up from 12 institutions and is co-chaired by Marianne Fay from the World Bank and Simon Buckle from the OECD.

Over the past two years, the GGKP has established eight research committees on various topics to support its core objective of identifying and addressing knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice. 

Why focus on Sustainable Infrastracture?  Global Infrastructure investments have long term consequences and can shape development paths for decades to come. It is thus imperative to not only address existing gaps in infrastructure but to also ensure system-wide resilience to natural and human-made disasters, and climate variability. 

The Fifth GGKP Annual Conference will be held in 2017 on the theme of sustainable infrastructure and hosted by the World Bank. This Research Committee on sustainable infrastructure will contribute to the preparation of the conference.

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