GGKP Knowledge Update, Issue 2014-9

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20 November 2014
The newest issue of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform's Knowledge Update has just been published and can be accessed online here.

In this issue you can read about:
  • The OECD's 'Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum' which was held in Paris, focusing on the theme of addressing the social implications of green growth.
  • New working papers from the World Bank focusing on different aspects of trade and green growth.
  • UNEP released new research on eco-innovation and potential business opportinuties in this arena.
  • The OECD also released a paper discussing the use of tax preferences to achieve environemnatal policy objectives.
  • AFDB have released a green growth strategy for Africa which seeks to promote high quality inclusive green growth for the continent.
  • UNEP's Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System has released it's second in a series of papers about the progress of the inquiry.
  • The German Development Institute (DIE) has released a discussion paper examining the strengths and challenges of green industrial policy.
  • An OECD paper discussing the developement of a framework to monitor progress of green growth in the agricultural sector in OECD countries.
  • Beijing Normal University has released the 'Human Green Development Report 2014' as part of the Current Chinese Economic Report Series.
  • Dual Citizen has released the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), which provides a ranking of how 60 countries and 70 cities perform in the global green economy.

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