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13 April 2019
Projects & Initiatives
Today, at the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, Finance Ministers from more than twenty countries launched a new coalition aimed at driving stronger collective action on climate change and its impacts. The newly formed Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action endorsed a set of six common principles, known as the “Helsinki Principles,” that promote national climate action, especially through fiscal policy and the use of public finance.
6 December 2017
Projects & Initiatives
In 2018, EfD will launch a new collaborative research program called Policy Instruments for Sustainable management of oceans and marine resources. The two focus areas of the program will be effective management of fisheries and combating marine pollution, the latter with a specific focus on plastic waste.
4 November 2016
Projects & Initiatives

The German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut fuer Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) has launched the official website and the blog of the Think20 (T20). 

20 September 2016

The Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) has now been released. This new GGEI is an assessment of how 80 countries and 50 cities perform in the global green economy, as well as how experts evaluate that performance.

9 June 2016
Other News

In the newest issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way”, you can read about the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 done by Nordic Energy Research in cooperation with the International Energy Agency.

29 April 2015
Projects & Initiatives

The concept of circular economy is gaining more and more prevalence in current economic and environmental thinking. The discourse has evolved from talk of recycling to issues of reusing and upcycling as well as a complete rethinking of the entire way we organize our societies.

4 September 2014
Projects & Initiatives

The Nordic Council of Ministers has published the newest issue of their web magazine, “Green Growth the Nordic Way”. This issue tackles the tradeoffs and synergies between the climate change and bioeconomy agendas.

23 June 2014
Projects & Initiatives

The Nordic Council of Ministers has release a new issue of their web magazine, "Green Growth the Nordic Way", looking at different paths to realize this new economy and a more sustainable society, with a specific focus on circular economy and cultural affairs.

16 September 2013
Projects & Initiatives
The September issue of the “Green Growth the Nordic Way” has been released. This issue explores two projects from the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth initiative that try to expand and explore Nordic markets on sustainable building and ecodesign, respectively.