Thailand Ninth National Economic and Social Development Plan (2002-2006)

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January 2002
Document Type: 
National Development Plan
Government Entity: 
Thailand Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)
Coverage Date: 
2002 to 2006

The Ninth National Economic and Social Development Plan adopts the philosophy of sufficiency economy that focuses on the alleviation of poverty and upgrading of the quality of life for the Thai people. The sufficiency economy philosophy will be followed as a shared value of the Thai people, guiding the transformation to a new national management system based on efficiency, quality of life, and sustainability objectives.  

The Plan's strategies comprise the strengthening of economic and social fundamentals, in order to lift up the quality of life of the majority of people to achieve well-being, rational sufficiency and immunity to adverse changes, in concurrent with development of human to possess knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence regarding global changes, and the establishment of good governance at all levels in order to enhance national competitiveness. It is prepared on the basis of a broad people-participation process involving participants from all segments of Thai society who cooperate in brainstorming, defining the collective vision of Thai society and preparing details of the plan. 


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