South Africa Medium-Term Strategic Framework 2014-2019

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January 2014
South Africa
Document Type: 
National Development Plan
Government Entity: 
Government of South Africa
Coverage Date: 
2014 to 2019

This Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) is Government’s strategic plan for the 2014-2019 electoral term. It reflects the commitments made in the election manifesto of the governing party, including the commitment to implement the National Development Plan (NDP). The MTSF sets out the actions Government will take and targets to be achieved. It also provides a framework for the other plans of national, provincial and local government.

The 2014-2019 electoral mandate focuses on the following priorities:

  • Radical economic transformation, rapid economic growth and job creation
  • Rural development, land and agrarian reform and food security
  • Ensuring access to adequate human settlements and quality basic services
  • Improving the quality of and expanding access to education and training
  • Ensuring quality health care and social security for all citizens
  • Fighting corruption and crime
  • Contributing to a better Africa and a better world
  • Social cohesion and nation building.

In its focus on these priorities, and their elaboration into fourteen key outcomes and associated activities and targets, the MTSF has two over-arching strategic themes – radical economic transformation and improving service delivery.