Rwanda Vision 2020

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July 2000
Document Type: 
National Development Plan
Government Entity: 
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Coverage Date: 
2000 to 2020

Rwanda Vision 2020 is a framework for Rwanda’s development, presenting the key priorities and providing Rwandans with a guiding tool for the future. It supports a clear Rwandan identity, whilst showing ambition and imagination in overcoming poverty and division. This vision identified six priority pillars and three cross-cutting areas, which should move in tandem to achieve the vision that this document sets.

The six pillars of Vision 2020 are:
  • Good Governance and a Capable State
  • Human Resource Development and a Knowledge-based economy
  • Private Sector-led Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Productive high value and market-oriented agriculture
  • Regional and International Integration
Next to the 6 pillars, there are the three cross-cutting areas of gender, natural resources & environment and culture, science & technology. These issues will not only be affected by the economic transformation but will also play an important role in achieving the VISION’s development goals.

Rwanda Vision 2020 (Revised 2012) is also available on the GGKP National Document Database.