Kenya Sector Plan for Tourism 2013-2017

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January 2013
Document Type: 
Sector/Thematic Plan
Government Entity: 
Government of the Republic of Kenya
Coverage Date: 
2013 to 2017

Kenya Sector Plan for Tourism 2013-2017 provides a detailed elaboration of the tourism policies programmes and projects as contained in the Second Medium Term Plan (2013-2017). It gives strategies for the plan period on the basis of the lessons learned from the First Medium Term Plan (2008-2012) while taking cognizant of the global, regional and national socio-political, technological and economic environment.

The tourism sector plan covers the second five years of the Kenyan vision 2030. It is the document that has primarily informed the tourism chapter of the MTP 2013-2017. The state department of commerce and tourism through its tourism directorate is mandated to coordinate the formulation and implementation of tourism policies. This plan is, therefore, a product of an elaborate stakeholders' consultation which has taken into account views and aspirations of the key stakeholders both public and private. It is envisaged to facilitate the implementation of the tourism sector strategies during the second MTP period. It details specific goals, objectives, strategies, actors as well as the budgetary requirements for the various programmes and projects. 

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tourism, sector plan, implementation