Kenya Sector Plan for Population, Urbanization and Housing 2013-2017

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January 2013
Document Type: 
Sector/Thematic Plan
Government Entity: 
Republic of Kenya
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Kenya Sector Plan for Population, Urbanization and Housing 2013-2017 will guide the second medium-term plan (MTP) (2013-2017)in the implementation of the Kenya Vision 2030. It outlines policies, reform, measures, projects and programmes that will be undertaken within the second MTP period. Implementation of this plan has a critical role in the creation of jobs for the youth and the unemployed.

High population growth rate and its implications on socio-economic development have been of concern to the Kenyan government. This plan, therefore, constitutes an important framework for the government's commitment to the effectively plan and manage its population and urbanization process through proper planning and provision of adequate and decent housing. For Kenya to become a middle-income economy, urbanization will play a visible and crucial role and, thus requires strong support through effective policy interventions both at national and country levels. The plan outlines programmes and projects that are crucial to the realization of the aspirations of the vision 2030 of adequate and decent housing in sustainable humans settlements. The sector plan will be monitored and evaluated through annual progress reports through the National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluations systems (NMES).