Kenya Sector Plan for Drought Risk Management and Ending Drought Emergencies

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January 2013
Document Type: 
Sector/Thematic Plan
Government Entity: 
Government of the Republic of Kenya
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The document Sector Plan for Drought Risk Management and Ending Drought Emergencies builds on the ending drought emergencies Kenya Country Programme Paper (CPP) and draws to a significant degree from existing strategies,  both for individual sectors and for the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs), and particularly the Vision 2030 development strategy for northern Kenya other arid lands. 

Drought is the single most important natural hazards in Kenya. It shatters livelihoods and causes hunger, nutrition-related diseases, and even death. Droughts may lead to a decline in food production, affect the migratory patterns of pastoralists, exacerbate resource-based conflict, and cause substantial loss of assets triggering acute food insecurity among vulnerable households and placing a heavy strain on both the local and national economies. Hence, it is important to develop strategies to cope with consequences as well as to adapt to the environment affected by the drought. This document reflects two significant changes in Kenyan's understanding of drought emergencies. The first is that they have their roots in poverty and vulnerability and the fact that Kenya's drought-prone areas are also among those which have benefited least from investment in the past. The second is that drought emergencies are complex challenges which can only be managed by strong and competent institutions, able to draw on new streams of finance as well as the skills and resources of all actors.