Guyana's National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (2012-2020)

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September 2014
Document Type: 
Sector/Thematic Plan
Government Entity: 
Guyana Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment
Guyana Environmental Protection Agency, Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Coverage Date: 
2012 to 2020

Guyana's National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (2012-2020) was prepared through a process involving extensive desk research of documents, meetings with key sector stakeholders, international and national NGOs, the private sector and a national consultation exercise. The plan sets out the vision, the roles, the duties and obligations of the state and its citizens and actions to protect, conserve, use sustainably and share equitably the benefits arising from biodiversity.

Guyana's vision for biodiversity is to sustainably utilize, manage and mainstream biodiversity into all sectors contributing to the advancement of Guyana's bio-security, and socio-economic and low carbon development. The action plan, therefore, provides the guidance and support actions for sustainable utilization and conservation of biodiversity and sets out the national priorities and the strategic objectives to be achieved. It also allows partners at all levels to better identify how they can contribute to support Guyana in meeting its national biodiversity vision while meeting at the same time, its obligations to the UNCBD. It incorporated the goals of the UNCBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2011-2020) and selected Aichi 2011-2020 targets. 

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biodiversity, forests, ecosystems, targets