Guyana Traditional Knowledge Incorporation into Biodiversity-Assessment Report 2009

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January 2009
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Environmental Protection Agency of Guyana
The Consultancy Group (TCG)
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Guyana Traditional Knowledge Incorporation into Biodiversity-Assessment Report 2009 presents information and analysis on the assessment of capacity and current preservation aspects at several levels, a review of the current legislation aimed at promoting and protecting traditional knowledge and an inventory on traditional knowledge and sustainable conservation. 

The research for this report was conducted in the form of rapid assessment and provides a comprehensive understanding of opinions and issues of several stakeholders. The findings of this report suggest that overall the practice of traditional knowledge has been incorporated into biodiversity management in Guyana but it needs more focus and attention. The most obvious finding to emerge from the analysis is that new innovations such as ecotourism and agro-processing have played an important role in both knowledge preservation and conservation efforts. However, language and cultural practices are noticeably declining as the legal structure for protecting traditional knowledge is still weak. The lack of promotion of traditional knowledge has limited its wider application and traditional knowledge is often considered separate from conservation or national development efforts. The broad-based assessment of stakeholders further focussed on four capacity areas namely leadership, adaptive management, and operational capacities.