A Guideline for Sustainable Public Procurement: Adapted for use by Mongolian public procurement officers of all level budgetary bodies

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January 2017
Document Type: 
Sector/Thematic Document
Government Entity: 
Ministry of Finance
United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)

A Guideline for Sustainable Public Procurement: Adapted for use by Mongolian public procurement officers of all level budgetary bodies aims to provide guidance to all governments and organizations interested in the implementation of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP). The Guidelines are organized according to five chapters.

The First Chapter (Links between sustainable development and sustainable public procurement) explores the relationship between SPP and (1) the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, (2) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and (3) national policies.

The Second Chapter (Introduction to Sustainable Public Procurement) provides a fundamental understanding of SPP and Green Public Procurement, as well as the principles, objectives and key benefits of SPP described in various relevant publications. This Chapter also describes SPP objectives in Mongolia.

The Third Chapter (Mongolia’s pathway towards sustainable public procurement) provides an understanding of Mongolia’s current public procurement system, legal and institutional framework, and steps and actions that Mongolia has taken to apply the UN Environment SPP Approach. This Chapter also focuses on the market availability and applicable sustainability criteria for A4 paper, printer ink cartridges and lightweight concrete blocks. The reason for incorporating these specific issues is to assist government at all levels and state organisations to plan, apply and purchase these products through pilot tenders.

The Fourth Chapter (Implementation of sustainable public procurement throughout the procurement process) describes how sustainability criteria can be integrated throughout the public procurement cycle of Mongolia -- from planning to contract management.

Lastly, the Fifth Chapter (Sustainability criteria for priority products) provides specific sustainability criteria that can be applied in the procurement of printing and copy paper, toner cartridges and concrete blocks.

This Guideline was developed under the European Commission-funded and UN Environment-led Stimulating Demand and Supply of Sustainable Products through Sustainable Public Procurement and Eco-Labeling (SPPEL) Project. The Ministry of Finance of Mongolia gratefully acknowledges the time and effort spent by the experts at UN Environment involved in producing and editing the SPP Guidelines for Mongolia.