Green Economy Inventory for South Africa: An overview

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January 2017
South Africa
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Green Growth Document
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Department of Environmental Affairs
Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)

The Green Economy Inventory for South Africa (GEISA) was commissioned by the South African government to assist with tracking, monitoring and evaluating existing green economy initiatives and programmes in order to foster sector-wide coordination and coherence, and to help identify gaps and areas requiring further support. The GEISA is a first attempt to capture a selection of green economy initiatives and provide a knowledge base of existing activities and help to prioritize work streams and actions under PAGE in South Africa. 

The GEISA, developed over a three-month period in 2016, is a high-level inventory of green economy initiatives across sectors, spheres of government and service categories. The eight thematic areas outlined in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development and Action Plan (DEA, 2011)- energy, transport, agriculture, resource conservation & management, built environment, sustainable consumption & protection, waste, water - provided a framework to examine and understand the characteristics of green economy initiatives, including their contribution to job creation, skills development and finance.