Ethiopia Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II)

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May 2016
Document Type: 
National Development Plan
Government Entity: 
Ethiopia National Planning Commission
Ethiopia National Planning Commission
Coverage Date: 
2015 to 2020

Ethiopia's Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II) aims to spur economic structural transformation and sustain accelerated growth towards the realization of the national vision to become a low middle-income country by 2025. GTP II focuses on ensuring rapid, sustainable, and broad-based growth by enhancing the productivity of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, improving the quality of production, and stimulating competition within the economy. 

GTP II sets out the following objectives:

1) Achieve an annual average real GDP growth rate of 11 percent within a stable macroeconomic environment and thereby contribute towards the realization of Ethiopia’s vision of becoming a lower middle-income country by 2025, while pursuing comprehensive measures towards narrowing the saving-investment gap and bridging the widening trade deficit.
2) Develop domestic engineering and fabrication capacity and improve productivity, quality, and competitiveness of the domestic productive sectors (agriculture and manufacturing industries) to speed up structural transformation;
3) Further solidify the on-going public mobilization and organised participation to ensure the public become both owners and beneficiaries from development outcomes;
4) Deepen the hegemony of developmental political economy by strengthening a stable democratic developmental state.