Ethiopia Growth and Transformation Plan I

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November 2010
Document Type: 
National Development Plan
Government Entity: 
Ethiopia Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Ethiopia Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Coverage Date: 
2010 to 2015

The Growth and Transformation Plan I (GTP) is a national five-year development plan created by the Government of Ethiopia to improve the country's economic well-being and work towards eradicating poverty.  The four overarching objectives of GTP I are: 

1) maintaining at least an average real GDP growth rate of 11% per annum and attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2014/15; 

2) expanding access and ensuring the qualities of education and health services and achieve MDGs in the social sectors; 

3) establishing conditions for sustainable nation building through the creation of a stable democratic and developmental state; 

4) ensuring the sustainability of growth by maintaining macroeconomic stability.

The GTP builds off the success of the previous five-year plans and carries forward the progress made under the Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty (PASDEP) and advance Ethiopia's longer-term vision of being a middle-income country by 2020-2023. Special emphasis during the GTP period is given to agricultural and rural development, industry, infrastructure, social and human development, good governance, and democratization. The document outlines the main objectives, strategies, and targets for the five-year period, as well as providing details on specific sectors; costs and financing; risks, opportunities, and challenges; and monitoring and evaluation.