China: Integrated Reform Plan for Promoting Ecological Progress

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September 2015
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Government of China
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The communist party of China (CPC) central committee and the state council, on September 21 published a reform plan Integrated Reform Plan for Promoting Ecological Progress. It was formulated with an aim to develop a systematic and complete system to improve the ecosystem and accelerate the environmental protection. The idea is to integrate development with conservation.

This reform is designed to establish a systematic and complete institutional framework composed of eight systems for promoting ecological progress with clearly defined property rights, diversified participation, and equal focus on incentives and restraints by 2020. It is also designed to modernize China's governance system and capacity of governance. The improved systems include:  

  • Establishment of an effective environmental governance system by improving the administrative system for environmental protection, strict implementation of compensation systems for ecological and environmental change, improving the pollutant emissions permit systems and establishing a mechanism for cooperation within a region in pollution prevention control.
  • Improvement of the market system for environmental governance and ecological conservation by establishing a green finance system, promoting trading water rights, pollution rights, trading of energy-use rights and carbon emission rights. 
  • Improving the system for payment based resource consumption and compensating conservation and protection efforts by creating a recuperation system for farmland, grasslands, rivers, and lakes, improving the payment based system for use of sea areas and offshore islands, mineral resource use, land use and accelerating price reform for natural resources and their products.
  • Enhancing resource management and conservation by advancing resource recycling, managing the development and utilization of mineral resources, protecting marine resources, establishing a system for closing off desertified land for protection, protecting wetlands, grasslands, virgin forests, total energy consumption management, and energy conservation, management of water resources.    
  • Developing and protecting territorial space.
  • Launching trials for determining property rights for water flows and wetlands, exploring the establishment of a system for exercising ownership rights at different levels, improving the state system of management for natural resource assets. 



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