China Energy Conservation Law

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October 2007
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Government of China
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The Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China is formulated for the purpose of promoting energy conservation in the whole society, improving energy utilization efficiency, protecting and ameliorating the environment, and striving for all round, balanced and sustainable development of the economy and the society. 

The Energy Conservation Law was adopted at the 28th Session of the Standing Committee of the 8th National People's Congress on November 1, 1977, and amended at the 30th Session of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress on October 28, 2007. It provides information on general provisions, administration of energy conservation, rational utilization of energy and energy conservation, energy conservation technology advancement, incentive measures, legal liabilities, and supplementary provisions. Chapter "Rational utilization of energy and energy conservation" is divided into six sections that provide the general rules and specific rules for the conservation of energy in various sectors namely industry, construction, transport, public institutions, and key energy consumption units respectively.