China Circular Economy Promotion Law

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August 2008
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Government of China
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Formulated to facilitate circular economy, resource efficiency and environmental protection China's Circular Economy Promotion Law came into force in January 2009. The Law aims to achieve sustainable development by raising resource utilization rate and increasing resource recovery in production, circulation, and consumption. 

The law is divided into seven chapters: 1) General provisions 2) Basic administrative system 3) Decrement 4) Recycling and resource recovery 5) Incentive Measures 6) Legal liabilities 7) Supplementary provisions

The circular economy is the general term for the activities of decrement, recycling and resource recovery in production, circulation, and consumption. The promotion of circular economy is an important strategy for China's economic and social development, therefore, the law states the following guidelines that shall be adhered to:

  • Comprehensive planning 
  • Reasonable layout 
  • Taking measures according to local conditions 
  • Emphasis on actual effects
  • Government promotion
  • Market orientation 
  • Enterprise implementation and public participation 

The general administration for promoting circular economy under the State Council is responsible for organizing, regulating affairs in relation to the national circular economy promotion. And, the general departments under local people's governments above the country level are responsible for organizing, coordinating and regulating affairs in relation to circular economy promotion in areas under their respective jurisdiction. 




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