Cambodia National Policy on Green Growth

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March 2013
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Green Growth Document
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Cambodia National Council on Green Growth (NCGG)
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Cambodia National Policy on Green Growth sets out the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) objectives, strategy and action plan regarding the implementation of green growth policies and mechanisms in Cambodia. Green growth efforts in Cambodia are carried out in cooperation with the National Council on Green Growth (NCGG) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

The national policy on green growth aims to strike a balance between economic development and protecting environmental resources, seeking to enhance the well-being and livelihoods of the population. This is achieved by creating a green economy and green growth-enabling environment, thereby improving people’s access to services, such as sanitation, water resources, and food security. Other objectives include job creation through green growth finance, regional green growth cooperation, and knowledge-sharing.

The strategies devised to reach these policy targets are:

  • National inter-institutional and international cooperation and coordination
  • Study, research, and data analysis
  • Harmonization of green growth in the economy, society, and culture
  • Human resources development
  • Sustainable green technology development

The action plan provides further details regarding the legal framework, financial support, and implementation. There follow the intention to conduct green growth monitoring and evaluation throughout all the above stages and a renewed expression of the RGC’s commitment to green growth.