Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan

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January 2013
Document Type: 
Climate Change Plan
Government Entity: 
Royal Government of Cambodia
Coverage Date: 
2014 to 2023

Promulgated by the Royal Government of Cambodia Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023 (CCCSP) is the first-ever national policy document responding to the climate change issues the country is facing. It reflects Cambodia's political will, firm commitment, and readiness for the reduction of climate change impacts on national development. 

The development of the CCCSP is a significant step towards embedding climate change in the National Strategic Development Plan Update(NSDP) 2014-2018 and in sector development plans of all relevant ministries. The CCCSP will guide national entities and assist non-governmental organization and development partners in developing concrete and appropriate measures and actions related to adaptation and GHG mitigation, which are the supportive pillars for the achievement of the Rectangular Strategy and Cambodia Millennium Development Goals. 

The CCCSP captures the main strategic objectives and directions that Cambodia can pursue for the next 10 years leveraging sustainable development. As a dynamic policy instrument, it will be periodically evaluated, revised and improved in order for it to be able to respond effectively to evolving situations in the future. The emphasis is put on building institutional capacity and science-based knowledge for projection of climate change impacts, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction, as these would have immediate far-reaching implications on vulnerable sectors such as agriculture, water resources, forestry, fisheries, and tourism. It also envisages building resilience capacity and production skills, especially at the community level, to effectively overcome climate change impacts.