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Jordan 2025: Part II is the continuation of the paper Jordan 2025: A national vision and strategy. It provides the initiatives and priorities identified through the assessment of the sectoral challenges. These initiatives enable the implementation of the policies and initiatives laid out in the paper Jordan 2025: A national vision and strategy.
The Twelfth National Economic and Social Plan focuses on enhancing international regulatory and institutional linkages at the implementation level. It emphasizes the use of physical infrastructure linkages as a basis for the development of areas, economies and communities along transborder economic corridors.
South Africa

A global transition to sustainable development is currently underway, as a response to multiple environmental crises, including the widespread impacts of climate change. South Africa has embraced the shift to a green economy to attain inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth and development.

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), UN-REDD Programme

Forests are increasingly recognized as key to Kenya's economy, including for their role in the energy sector (water regulation and soil retention for hydroelectric power generation), agriculture (enhancing soil quality, reducing soil erosion) and tourism, as well as for timber and wood products.