ASEAN-China Strategy on Environmental Cooperation (2016-2020)

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January 2016
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Government Entity: 
Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Coverage Date: 
2016 to 2020

The report ASEAN-China Strategy on Environmental Cooperation (2016-2020) illustrates the strategies implemented to strengthen the relationship between China and southeast Asian countries regarding environmental protection and regional sustainable development. 

The overall objective of the ASEAN-China strategy on environmental cooperation is to take a coordinated and integrated approach to address the environmental issues by taking national circumstances as well as the obligations under multilateral environmental agreements into account.

The specific objectives include: 

  • enhancing high-level policy dialogue with a focus on environmental issues of common concern to increase understanding, enhance cooperation and secure the harmonization of interests of ASEAN and China;

  • enhancing dialogue and cooperation on environmental protection;

  • improving capacity for national and regional environmental management through sharing knowledge and experiences and implementing joint actions;

  • enhancing cooperation on priority areas, improving effectiveness and quality of cooperation, and developing good practices for regional and South-South1 environmental cooperation; and

  • supporting ASEAN Community’s Post-2015 Vision. 

 The areas of cooperation include: 

  • Environmental data and information sharing 
  • Risk assessment and management 
  • Biodiversity and ecological conservation
  • Environmental industry and technology for green development
  • Environmentally sustainable cities
  • Education and public awareness 
  • Institutional and human capability building
  • Joint research