ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Action Plan (2011-2013): To implement the China-ASEAN strategy on environmental protection cooperation

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January 2011
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Government Entity: 
Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Coverage Date: 
2011 to 2013

ASEAN-CHINA Environmental Cooperation Action Plan focuses on the cooperation between China and southeast Asian countries to achieve the UN Millenium Development Goals, poverty reduction, and green development. The action plan aims to promote and facilitate the implementation of the China-ASEAN strategy on environmental cooperation and the ASEAN and China Leader's initiatives. The action plan is based on the principle of supporting ASEAN's leading role in the cooperation, out of common interest and needs. It will lay the foundation for long-term continuous cooperation on the environment between two sides. 

Plan of actions include: 

  • High-level policy dialogue on environmental cooperation forum
  • Development and launch of the ASEAN-China green envoys program
  • Cooperation on environmental industry and technology 
  • Joint research projects 

The funding resources to support the implementation of the action plan include: 

  • ASEAN-China cooperation fund
  • Funding support from international partners
  • Funding from the Chinese government
  • Support from governments of ASEAN countries 
  • Funding support by public-private partnerships