2015 Report on the State of the Environment in China

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May 2016
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Sector/Thematic Document
Government Entity: 
Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
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2015 Report on the State of the Environment in China gives a summary of environmental protection status in China. It provides information on atmospheric, freshwater, marine, forest, acoustic, radiation, grassland, and natural and ecological environment. The current state of the energy and transport sector is also included in this report. 

The report suggests that special attention has been given to environmental quality and all regions and departments have firmly implemented the measures to address prominent environmental problems. The government has enforced strict supervision on environmental law. By adhering to the policy of prevention and the promotion of the change of development mode and adjustment of the economic structure the government has actively addressed excess production and phased out outdated production capacity in iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, and flat glass industries. The protection of ecology and rural environment has been strengthened through the conservation of biodiversity and verification of the boundary of priority areas for biodiversity conservation.