2013 Report of the State of the Environment in China

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May 2014
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Sector/Thematic Document
Government Entity: 
Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
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2013 Report of the State of the Environment in China states that the overall environmental quality was average in 2013. The focus areas in 2013 were atmospheric pollution, ecological conservation, reduction of major pollutants and energy and transport sector. 
The report concludes that intensification of pollution control efforts and accomplishment of reduction of main pollutants has improved the Chinese economy. However, some river segments are still highly polluted and air quality in cities was not optimistic. The surface water was mildly polluted, with certain urban river segments badly polluted; the environmental conditions of seawaters were good in general, while the quality of near horse seawaters was average; ambient air quality in cities was not good but the urban acoustic environment quality was good at large; radiation environment was in good shape, and  eco-environmental quality was kept stable in general.  

The report further provides information on the general situation of the freshwater environment, marine environment, atmospheric environment, acoustic environment, solid waste, radiation environment, nature and ecology, rural environmental protection, forest, grassland, climate, and natural disasters, transportation, and energy