2012 Report on the State of the Environment in China

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May 2013
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Sector/Thematic Document
Government Entity: 
Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
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2012 Report on the State of the Environment in China states the progress China has made in terms of environmental policies, legislation, science and technology, and monitoring systems. It explains that the strengthening of environmental policies has led to significant emission and pollution reductions as well as the intensification of nuclear and radiation safety measures.

2012 is regarded as a significant year in China's development course. Earnest efforts were made to implement the Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Pollution Reduction, tough regulations were conducted on verifying a total load of major pollutants and pollution reduction measures were carried out with the emphasis on municipal wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, livestock and poultry breeding farms, thermal power plants, iron, and steel manufacturing. The total load of the four major pollutants namely COD, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide was removed. 

The report further provides information on the general situation of the freshwater environment, marine environment, atmospheric environment, acoustic environment, solid waste, radiation environment, nature and ecology, rural environmental protection, forest, grassland, climate, and natural disasters.