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The World Bank’s new Data Catalog transforms the way we manage data. It provides access to over 3,000 datasets and 14,000 indicators and includes microdata, time series statistics, and geospatial data.

Since its launch in 2010, the World Bank’s Open Data Initiative has provided free, open access to the World Bank’s development data. Continuously updated their data dissemination and visualization tools, and supported countries to launch their own open data initiatives.

The World Bank are strong advocates for open data, but also recognize that some data, often by virtue of how it has been acquired or the subjects it covers, may have limitations on how it can be used. In the new data catalog, rather than having such data remain unpublished, the World Bank is making many of these previously unpublished datasets available, and document any restrictions on how they can be used. This new catalog is an extension of the open data catalog and relies heavily on the work previously done by the microdata library.

The common data types are Geospatial such as a road network from geo-referenced satellite image, microdata such as household surveys on income or demographics and time series macro-data such as forest coverage, labour force participation rate for women, consumer price index, or infant mortality rate.


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