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Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

The Sustainable Asset Valuation (Savi) tool, developed by the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), can help governments and investors assess the true costs–and risks–associated with infrastructure projects in order to make better decisions.

Governments can use SAVi to:

  • Compare and contrast the environmental, social, and economic performance of business-as-usual infrastructure with sustainable alternatives. 
  • Determine the climate resilience of planned infrastructure projects. 
  • Assess the positive externalities of sustainable infrastructure projects, including contributions to GDP and green GDP, employment, productivity, wages, household incomes, lower carbon and green house gas emission, improved energy, water, and resource efficiency, reduced effluents and wastes, and much more. 
  • Determine trade-offs and prioritise projects and policies based on their broader contribution to sustainable development.

Investors can use SAVi to:

  • Assess whether improved sustainability performance can affect future cash flows and contribute to more attractive financial returns.
  • Identify and asses the climate risk of infrastructure assets and prepare disclosure statements, as recommended by the Financial Stability Board.
  • Quantify, evaluate and report on the environmental, social and economic co-benefits and avoided costs generated by infrastructure projects, and thus its contribution to sustainable development.

SAVi is customised to each infrastructure asset, as the financial feasibility and the environmental, social, and economic performance of assets are assessed individually.  IISD works with the asset owner, public authority, or investor to collect data on the characteristics of the asset and on the externalities that are material to them.

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