Risk Supplement to the Vulnerability Sourcebook

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The GIZ Vulnerability Sourcebook offers a concept and step-by-step guidelines for standardised assessments of vulnerability to climate change. Published in 2014, it has since been widely put to use for vulnerability assessments in the framework of climate change adaptation planning from the local to the national level.

The objective of this Risk Supplement to the Vulnerability Sourcebook is to provide practical guidance on how to apply the Vulnerability Sourcebook’s approach using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) risk concept. Going beyond the comparison already presented in the Vulnerability Sourcebook, it introduces the terminology of the AR5 risk concept to the Climate Change Adaptation community and clarifies its implications for the Vulnerability Sourcebook methodology. Although there are a number of significant modifications, the general step-by-step approach of the Vulnerability Sourcebook remains unchanged.

Being a supplement to the Vulnerability Sourcebook, this publication does not work as a stand-alone document but should be read alongside the Vulnerability Sourcebook. Solely the conceptual framework and Module 2 can be read independently since here significant changes apply. The structure of the Risk Supplement mirrors the structure of the Vulnerability Sourcebook with its eight modules and individual working steps within each module. For each module, the necessary changes in the approach are explained. All relevant figures in the Vulnerability Sourcebook have been modified according to the AR5 risk concept. It is suggested to first check the major changes summarised at the beginning of each module and then go through the single steps in each module reading both documents in parallel.

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