One Planet Webinar - Sustainable Business Models on Circularity in the Built Environment

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On Wednesday 28 March (2:00 PM EST) the One Planet network of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP) is holding a webinar on "Sustainable Business Models on Circularity in the Built Environment".  

The construction sector is the largest consumer of resources including raw materials. Therefore, embracing long-term design thinking, technology and innovation and adopting new production and consumption models and collaboration throughout the supply chain of construction can lead to sustainable business models which create further financial, social and environmental benefits.

The tourism sector is growing exponentially and also responsible for decoupling its growth from environmental degradation. Given the extensive supply chain of the sector and its connection with the built environment, whether in the form of infrastructure, accommodation or other facilities, integrating approaches for more sustainable construction in tourism can result in enhanced competitiveness, environmental benefits and overall destination image.

The webinar will present testimonials of frontrunning organizations developing and implementing circular models in the built environment and explore examples of profitable business cases of circular construction and management of buildings within the tourism industry.

Moderator: Mr. Pekka Huovila (Sustainable Building and Construction programme of the One Planet network)
Speakers: Mr. Nitesh Magdani (Royal BAM the Netherlands), Dr. Ke Wang (VITO Belgium), Dr. Robert Wimmer (GrAT - Center for Appropriate Technology)
This webinar is a product of the collaboration between two programmes of the One Planet network: Sustainable Building & Construction and Sustainable Tourism. This collaboration pools knowledge of sustainability experts to further reflection on application of circular economy principles on the ground.
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