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Legal Atlas

Legal Atlas has launched its BETA version of the legal mapping and intelligence tool, Legal Atlas: Legal intelligence platform. Topics right now include environmental crime, wildlife trade, organized crime, environmental impact assessment, protected areas, etc.

Legal Atlas creates legal intelligence by transforming vast amounts of static and obscure legal documents into a dynamic learning experience, taking users on a journey from information to intelligence. 

The Legal Atlas platform serves as an invaluable tool for legal professionals, enforcement, policymakers, and anyone who needs simplified access to laws. With the platform's capability and our staff's experience, the data extracted from laws are presented to users with enhanced accessibility.  Just a few of these tools are:

  • A specialized Compare database that allows users to rapidly compare key content across jurisdictions.
  • A Gap/Conflict Monitor that graphs legal concepts by law and topic in a single view making it possible to see what is regulated by which laws, with access to the content and the law as needed.
  • A configurable Research Desk that allows every user to save search results and organize them in a specially designed interface, saving time and making possible to conduct comparisons found nowhere else. 
  • Quick Reference Maps capable of displaying a variety of useful information related to the topic being researched; e.g., assessment results for key legal concepts, resource maps showing status and extent, related demographics.

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