Green City Development Guidelines

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The GCD Guidelines provide guidance on how to plan and implement GCD at every stage of the GGGI Value Chain. They serve as reference for government officials, GGGI staff and consultants, and other stakeholders who are working on areas related to or looking to develop a project on green cities. They provide a starting point and strategies to take toward GCD, as well as the processes to implement and put these strategies into practice.

Based on GGGI’s experience, the guidelines include eight steps corresponding to the four stages of the GGGI Value Chain (See page 6). They offer neither a manual nor a step-by-step toolkit. Depending on the context and situation of the country and city, the government can decide to begin at the relevant stage and carry out the suitable steps to develop green cities. By developing the GCD Guidelines around the GGGI Value Chain, GGGI ensures that its service offering is consistent across all of its strategic themes and reflects its value proposition for GCD.

The GCD Guidelines aim to (1) outline key GCD concepts, (2) give a set of recommended actions for policy makers and project managers to start with while allowing flexibility and customization in the country of practice, and (3) provide an overview as to the services GGGI can offer to its partner governments. The guidelines showcase GGGI’s approach and commitment to work side by side with governments to promote and implement green cities.

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