Energy transition: Perspectives and opportunities for the world of work

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4 Jun 2018 to 8 Jun 2018

Turin, Italy

On 4-8 June 2018, the International Traning Centre (ITC) is hosting Energy transition: Perspectives and opportunities for the world of work in Turin, Italy. 

The course Energy transition: Perspectives and opportunities for the world of work will explore various policy and market factors that have shaped the industry in recent years, including deployment, industrial, trade, skills development, and just transition policies. Its sessions will provide a space to learn about and share knowledge, experiences, approaches and perspectives to improve energy access, efficiency and deal with energy transition in rural and urban areas, as well as in industry, while ensuring environmental and socio-economic benefits. Participants will discuss, in particular, the employment creation potential and skills needs for the transition to sustainable and clean energy and concrete strategies for decent work promotion in the sector, from both public and private sector perspectives.

The course is aimed at a mixed audience of representatives from national and local governments, social partners, professionals and entrepreneurs whose work relates to understanding and promoting energy transition; national and international development agencies; civil society organizations, research institutes and academia. A gender-balanced participation is sought. If interested, participants attending this course are encouraged to also register to the course "Green building and construction: Pathway towards inclusive growth and the creation of decent and green jobs" scheduled from 11 to 15 June 2018. Participation in both courses will provide an enhanced understanding of cross-sectoral linkages together with the specific opportunities each sector brings forward in the transition to environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive economies.

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